Information sought under RTI about Corrupt IAS Officers to move against them in the High Court

AS on today those helping pragati KARNATAKA have filed more than 100 applications under the RTI Act. Out of these 50 applications have been filed with the Chief Secretary's Office alone.We have given information about some applications to give an idea. As many complaints have been filed with the State Information Commission(against not giving any information or for giving partial or incorrect information), some links given earlier have been disabled

Those who want to know the details of RTI applications filed by the pragati KARNATA with the Chief Secretary's Office are requested to file an RTI application seeking information about the RTI applications filed by pragati KARNATAKA

We are planning to put all applications filed by pragati KARNATAKA and replies received either after getting these reported in at least one major newspaper or after giving it to the Lokayukta to act


APPLICATION 1.About IAS Officers involved in the mining scam

Chief Secretary has not taken action though replies have been received except in one case.See the information received here

Against this reply from the PIO, DPAR Complaint has been filed to file PIL for usung ineficiency (more correctly deliberate inaction to shield the corrupt) to deny information . DPAR Entire file is being sought



APPLICATION 2.About IAS Officers against whom Lokayukta has sought sanction from Government

Improper reply.Complaint is being lodged.

As per the information given by the Chief Secretary dated 20/2/10 Lokayukta has not given final reports in all the cases where the houses have been raided. See details here.

Entire file is being sought by filing complaint against such ourageous reply


APPLICATION 3.About Sri Nandakumar, IAS Joint Secretary to Chief Minister of Karnataka, against whom Election Commission wanted action to be taken

As per the information given by the Chief Secretary, he is waiting for a response from the Election Commission of India. See the response here.


Entire file is being sought.After inspection of the file, information has been denied. Inspection of file revealed direct involvement of previous Chief Secretary Sri Sudhakar Rao in sabotaging Election.Mrs Vatsala Watsa who was Additional Chief Secretary questioned the motive behind Sri Sudhakar Rao's decision (and probably lost Chief Secretary's Post) See the details in the Complaint filed


APPLICATION 4. Regarding obstacles created by IAS officers in giving suomoto powers to the Lokayukta

Information not given as expected. Complaint has bee filed to initiate action against the Chief Secretary by filing PIL before the High Court. See details here




APPLICATION 5.Assets and liabilities of Corrupt IAS Officers

Information not given. While State after State Commissions are ordering disclosure of information of assets of all officials. DPAR to shield the corrupt has once again given irresonsible reply. See the Complaint filed against such reply



APPLICATION 6.Corrupt IAS officers against whom Board of Directors have reported against them

Information not given in spite of COPU itself ordering action against many. The Chief Information Commissioner while he was Chief Secretary had handed over one such report to the present Chief Secretary who at that time was Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister. See details here



APPLICATION 7.Rs 75 Crores wasteful expenditure during Hampi Utsav while the people in that region were suffering because of flood

Information sought not given not given See the complaint filed here



APPLICATION 8. Regarding what Chief Secretaries wrote about the integrity of IAS officers against whom Lokayukta had sent report to take against them


Information not given giving totally unacceptable reason. Complaint filed, details given here